Dear Friends (which seems to be the standard greeting here),

We are busy nearly every minute in India and our internet access is limited by the number of computers (4) and the hours of openning. So, you have not heard from me recently or seen any new pictures. This is not because we've not seen or done anything. Because I'm writting this from an inter-net cafe in Whitefield and do not have my notes with me, I'll leave out some details but give you highlights of our recent trips off-campus.

Tuesday of last week we piled on the bus and rode for 90 + minutes through Bangalore and into the country-side where we were received by an artist whose work explores Christianity and Hinduism. He showed us some of his work; told us his biography; and let us admire the buildings on the compound. We looked at a series of mandalas that included the miraclous draft of fish and another with the good shepherd and the 1 lost sheep. We were served a delicious meal. Then back on the bus for another long ride to the National Baptism, Catechical, Liturgical Centre: a Roman Catholic instution devoted to the task of enculturating Christianity by drawing upon the idoms of Indian culture. We heard a lecture, saw two chapels, participated in the Indian Rite for eucharist, and witnessed a highly skilled performance by the Centre's dance troupe. Since we'd begun the day with no expectations, we were nearly overwhelmed by what unfolded!

Much of our experience here is like that. We have little or no information about what to expect and usually what we have turns out to be wrong. Nonetheless, what does happen is most often a wonderous surprise. Today it was Harvest Festival at the local Church of South India congregation. Thus, I close this quick note with thanks for what we are encountering here and for you all.